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The main project acceptance of tail water utilization project of Tianchang Sewage Treatment Plant contracted by MCC Huatian completed
SOURCE: AUTHOR:Wang Yijian DATE:27 July 2021 VIEW:
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On July 24, the acceptance of the main project of the EPC+O project for the tail water of Tianchang Sewage Treatment Plant contracted by MCC Huatian was completed, and the commissioning for water supply will be carried out on time.

This project is a key municipal project in Chuzhou, with a design scale of 60,000 cubic meters per day. By building a facultative pond-aerated plant pond-composite constructed wetland, forming a facultative-aerobic-anoxic environment, the intensified purification of the tail water of the sewage plant will be realized. According to the original topography and water depth of the park channel, ecological construction is carried out to form a series combination wetland composed of surface flow-pond wetland-surface flow-underwater forest. In deep waters, biofilm is used for in-situ strong purification of water quality, and different microbial environments are used to achieve deep improvement of the water quality of tail water in the sewage plant. After the project is officially put into operation, the main water quality indexes (COD, NH3-N and TP) will meet the Class IV standard of surface water, effectively alleviating the examination pressure of cross section of Baita River and greatly improving the water environment quality in urban area of Tianchang City.

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