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5m Platform of the Main Rolling Bay for 5# Bar Mill Contracted by MCC Huatian for Zenith Steel’s Green Fine Steel Products Complex completed

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On the morning of November 14, the 5m Platform of the Main Rolling Bay for 5# Bar mill contracted by MCC Huatian for Zenith’s Steels’ green fine steel products complex project was completed, and entered the sprint stage of the full installation of the main rolling line equipment.

The project consists of four nationally leading split rolled bar mill, each with an annual output of 1.89 million tons and the total design capacity of 7.56 million tons annually. It is the production line with the highest output in China, and the products are hot rolled steel bars (Ф16 mm~Ф40 mm). The project is characterized by high output, specialization, intensification, green production and intelligence.

Since the bricking of the reheating furnace for 5# bar mill, the Project Management Team has continuously urged the installation unit to speed up the construction progress of the reheating furnace, and laid out the clean circulating water guarantee scheme for reheating furnace in advance with the water treatment related construction unit, so as to make every effort to ensure the construction of the reheating furnace. The installation of rolling line equipment, especially lifting and installation of reducer and base the roughing mill and intermediate mill whose platforms were best cured, have come to an end. The pipeline installation above and below the platform has been fully rolled out.

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