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The first converter of Hebei Tianzhu Steel-making Project of Tianzhu Iron and Steel contracted by MCC Huatian successfully completes the tilting test run

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On August 22, the first converter of the relocation steel-making project of Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianzhu Iron and Steel"), contracted by MCC Huatian, successfully completed the tilting test run, which marked that the commissioning of single equipment in Tianzhu steelmaking project officially entered the peak period and provided a strong node guarantee for the project to be put into operation.

In order to respond to the national industrial policies and complete the adjustment of product structure, Tianzhu Iron and Steel planned to promote the construction of the relocation and transformation project of urban steel mills, and relocated the existing steel production base to Tangshan Haigang Economic Development Zone of Hebei Province. The special steel-making project with brand-new furnace type, more complete turbid water treatment process, higher requirements for intelligence and more feedback from owners' production experience put forward higher requirements for more than a dozen professional designs, more than 50 items of equipment bidding and purchasing, more than 100,000 square meters of plant area and nearly 50,000 tons of steel structure installation and installation.

The project duration was extremely short. Since the owner issued the tilting test node, the Project Department of the General Contractor was stressed out the heavy tasks. All members of the Project Department strictly kept their posts and duties according to their respective division of labor, and strictly controlled problems in all links such as converter equipment installation, electrical equipment installation, tilting procedure debugging, safe construction and clearance to ensure zero problems in all links. On the day of the test run, the completion of a series of smooth operations such as 360 positive and negative rotations, rotations and stops at any angle marked the success of the tilting test run of the converter, and the Owner gave high praise of the test run on the spot.

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