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Successful hoisting of cold shearing equipment for MCC Huatian's Zhongtian Green Fine Steel Project

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On July 29, after the typhoon orange warning signal was terminated, MCC Huatian's Zhongtian Green Fine Steel Project Department organized people for the first time to actively overcome difficulties, and successfully hoisted four sets of cold shearing equipment of line 3#and 5#, the largest and heaviest single device of the project, which laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

The Zhongtian Green Fine Steel (Haimen Port District, Tongzhou Bay) Project - Green Fine Bar General Contracting Project consists of four production lines slitting steel bars with an annual output of 1.89 million tons at the domestic advanced level, with a total design capacity of 7.56 million tons. It is the production line with the highest output in China, and the products are hot rolled steel bars (Ф16 mm~Ф40 mm). The project is characterized by high output, specialization, intensification, green production and intelligence. In consideration of energy conservation and emission reduction and keeping technical advancement, the construction of this project will realize efficient production, flexible production and green manufacturing with the design concept of "high output, specialization, intensification, green production and intelligence", help Nantong Base of Zenith Steel to develop diversified products, including wire rods, bars and section bars, and serve the social and economic development of the region.

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