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1250m³Blast furnace of Anshan Baode Steel put into operation
SOURCE: AUTHOR:Zhou Fei DATE:11 November 2019 VIEW:
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At 5:29 p.m. on November 6th, the 1250m³ blast furnace of Anshan Baode Steel designed by HUATIAN was officially started for operation and hot metal came out of the furnace at 10:26 a.m. the nest day. Coal injection was carried out normally at 11:58.a.m.

It is informed that design of the project started in July of 2017. An extensive construction began in September 2018. The main work includes BF proper, tuyere platform and cast house, BF bunker, HBS, dry method gas cleaning, BPRT blower station, circulated water pump room, slag granulation facility, gas cleaning system for cast house, dust cleaning system for ore bunker, power supply and distribution facility, material supply and charging system, etc. A series of “proven, reliable, practical, economic, state-of-the-art” technologies are applied on the blast furnace, for example, distributed screening and weighing of material underneath the bunker, double rectangular flat cast house, design of furnace front dust cleaning small room, design of structure of cooling staves for the whole blast furnace body, Jiaheng process for slag granulation, waste heat recovery from slag flushing water, 4 Nos. new cyclone top combustion type hot blast stoves and independent demineralized water recirculation cooling water system for the hot blast stove, etc. The application of a series of technologies enables the equipment of this blast furnace in a leading position compared with other blast furnaces of the same size and same type. This will also elevate the competitiveness of HUATIAN in the market and help to build up the company’s brand image of “Green tomorrow created by HUATIAN”.

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