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Conch cement project in Basu, Tibet, supervised by HUATIAN started and put into production
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The 2500t/d cement clinker production line of Basu Conch Cement Co., Ltd (the first project undertaken by HUATIAN International Advisory Branch Company for construction supervision in snow-covered plateau of Tibet) was completed and started ahead of schedule on August 8th, following more than 460 days hard work. A modern cement plant is built on a barren mountain and open country. This once again has highlighted HUATIAN’s brand image of “Green tomorrow created by HUATIAN”.

The cement project is the first one invested by Conch Group in , including one 2500t/d new type dry process clinker cement production line and two tunnels. The total investment is 1.5 billion RMB. Since the commencement of the project construction on April 29th of 2019, the project management team of HUATIAN have brought into full play fine tradition of bearing hardships, fought against many adverse elements including chillness and oxygen shortage, large temperature difference between day and night, heavy sandstorm in the area with an average altitude of 3500m and poor infrastructure. Equipment installation began in August 31st of 2019. Especially this year, the project management team, facing double challenges, COVID-19 and construction schedule, has been working on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand and on project management on the other. Standing hand by hand and shoulder by shoulder with the employer and construction unit, the project management team rose to the challenges, worked overtime, strictly controlled quality and catch up with the set construction schedule.

Our International Advisory Branch Company has regarded Conch Group as established high quality client and kept close relationship of cooperation. Therefore, capable supervision team is dispatched to provide high quality service which was fully affirmed and highly praised by Conch employers. Our willingness to become a long-term cooperative partner and a preferred service provider has been well manifested in Basu conch project. The company will continue to adhere to the policy of “Providing meticulous service to the satisfaction of the client and for continuous improvement”, set up and consolidate the brand image of International Advisory Branch Company. The company will take concrete actions to support building of HUATIAN into a company powerful in science and technology, large-sized in economy and well known for its brand and to promote a green and high quality development of HUATIAN.

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