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No. 2 Sintering Flue Gas Desulfurization and Denitration Project of Fujian Sanbao Put into Operation

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On March 7, No. 2 sintering flue gas desulfurization and denitration EPC project contracted by MCC Huatian for Fujian Sanbao was put into operation, and its performance and emission index were better than that specified in the contract.

The project is a part of iron-making capacity replacement and supporting process technology upgrading, energy saving and ultra-low emission technology upgrading projects of Fujian Sanbao Group Co., Ltd., and is listed as a key environmental protection project in Fujian Province. The project adopts semi-dry desulfurization+SCR denitration process of circulating fluidized bed, with designed desulfurization rate greater than 98% and denitration rate greater than 85%.

During the implementation of the project, faced with many unfavorable factors such as short construction period, sharp increase in steel prices, COVID-19 pandemic, high temperature and rainy season, the project management team, through careful organization and careful planning, speeded the design, and finally completed the project on schedule with good quality and quantity on the premise of safety first, and presented satisfactory results to the owner.

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