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MCC Huatian Zhongtian Green Quality Steel Project 5 # Rod Heating Furnace Successfully Ignited and Baked

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On January 13th, MCC Huatian successfully ignited the 5 # rod heating furnace of the Zhongtian Green Quality Steel Rolling Project.

 The furnace is a regenerative walking beam furnace, and integrates a large number of advanced green, environmentally friendly and intelligent technologies of MCC Huatian Industrial Furnace, such as digital pulse control technology, low NOx combustion technology, waste heat resource cascade limit recovery technology, intelligent combustion control technology, all-fiber furnace top technology, energy-saving hydraulic system and intelligent lubrication system. The hourly output of cold loading is as high as 280 tons, corresponding to the production line of ordinary bars with an annual output of 1.89 million tons.



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