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Maanshan Daily: Blowing-in and Tapping of No. 2 BF Medium Maintenance EP project of Changjiang Steel
SOURCE: AUTHOR:刘坤滢 DATE:06 April 2022 VIEW:
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 On the afternoon of March 5, the No. 2 blast furnace medium maintenance EP project of Anhui Changjiang Steel Co., Ltd. designed and supplied by MCC Huatian was successfully ignited, blowed-in and tapped at 7: 50 am on the March 6.

The project mainly includes the redesign of the BF proper, the flattening upgrading of the casthouse, the equipment renewal and de-dusitng upgrading of the stockhouse, the replacement of hot blast pipes, the upgrading of the gas dry de-dusting system, the upgrading of TRT, the new construction of circulating water pump house, the new construction of dust removal system of the cast house and the renewal of the E.I.A facilities, etc. It is learned that the blast furnace was shut down on December 22 last year, and the design and equipment procurement time was only three months. During the construction period, there was the 2022 Spring Festival, so the time was tight and the task was heavy. To meet the requirements of the owner's schedule, the EPC project management team of MCC Huatian strengthened unified coordination, closely cooperated with various disciplines, adopted the flexible construction method, and completed all the design and equipment and material procurement in three months, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project, and demonstrated MCC Huatian people's ability to fight tough battles and the image of high-quality central enterprises.


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